Best Travel Stroller

The handles are covered in thick, comfortable foam, and your toddler in back even has their own handle to hang onto.

Underneath the stroller, there is a large storage basket that gives you room to take all the things you need, including a regular-sized diaper bag.

Because this stroller is much shorter and lighter than other tandem strollers, you’ll find it incredibly easy to maneuver and push around.


Best Travel Stroller

You should keep in mind that this is definitely not a stroller that two kids can lounge in comfortably for hours at a time. This stroller is best for quick or medium-length trips or errands. It’s not a very comfortable stroller for a child to try to nap in, and it’s basically impossible for both kids to take a nap at the same time unless one of them can sleep in an awkward hunched over position.

Another potential downside is that it doesn’t have a cup holder for the parent or the toddler in back. That’s a deal breaker for some parents.

All in all, when used for what it’s made for, there’s not a better stroller out there. It let’s your toddler walk or ride when they want to, and it’s a short and light stroller so it’s extremely easy to push around.


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