So you finally decided that you truly want to divorce from your “supposedly” life partner. The relationship has deteriorated to a point of no return and you want out. While married, you lived like an ordinary married life. You had children — you participated in their activities; you helped with homework, you volunteered for the school, you watched their artistic performances and sports competition, you took them to the ballet and instrument lessons, you met their friends’ parents and shared some great stories, you carpooled and so on. Legally Save Thousands On Your Divorce.



You had a joint bank account — without even thinking, you shared the expenses for the household, children’s activities, vacations, family outings, clothes, medical expenses, braces, and so on. You bought a house, cars and other good stuff for the enjoyment of all; you may even have given your children the gift of a private education. You had a house — you shared the delights and the responsibilities of being a homeowner; you did chores, you shared in the maintenance of this beautiful place, in its decoration, in the placement of your beautiful furniture, in paying the utility bills and taxes. You made sure that the yard was as beautiful as your living room, you had a garden, you called the plumber and electrician when needed, you maintained the vents for air conditioning and heating in good shape and did everything else in your power to have a happy home. Tip! History of Financial misconduct: In a contested divorce financial restraining orders preventing the transfer of assets can be obtained automatically upon commencement of the case. This can prevent marital assets from disappearing.

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