Obtain Aftermarket Auto Parts On the web plus Save!

The web has proven itself again and again to be a great tool for comparative shoppers looking to save cash. Probably The newest web opportunity to preserving your valuable dollars is on costly automobile as well as truck repairs. Car repair savings has historically been restricted to the Do it Yourselfer or perhaps the backyard mechanic – eventually the cost savings came in the kind of labor. Thankfully, those days are over, as even more individuals are making use of the internet to source of energy as well as purchase the auto parts they require online and after that bringing them to a local backyard or storage area mechanic have them installed. Bumper is provided by the internet to bumper coverage of almost any and all car and truck parts and will offer cost savings that are significant over the local auto parts store. I’ve heard of savings of over 70 % on several aftermarket parts. If you are taking the old standard calculation of vehicle repair costs into consideration (50 % parts 50 % labor) the overall savings could be as high as thirty five %.

Let’s take a typical 4 wheel brake job as an example. The vehicle I used was a 2001 Chevy Cavalier – 2.4 litre engine with leading disc brakes and back drums. Several calls to were made by me local car parts stores (I intentionally stayed away from dealerships and OEM components to close a more affordable price comparison). I didn’t include calipers.

I manage to source front semi-metallic brake pads, front rotors, back brake drums, back brake shoes and brand new brake hardware online for $101.40 which included shipping and any and all applicable taxes – sent to my doorstep! The same brake parts (I specifically didn’t select some elements they classified as “Premium” level elements) from a local car parts store came in at $345.47. To be honest I was a little shocked by the actual fact that I can save over seventy % on aftermarket brake components. I thought a seventy % savings would be specific to parts which had been ordinarily “dealer” specific.

Couple of other things to take into consideration, I have heard that garages start to charge a higher hourly rate in case you bring in your personal parts, a corking fee in case you’ll. Not uncommon as they usually mark up auto parts that they purchase for you by at least twenty %. The overall extra cost to you however is negligible as they usually receive a garage discount from the car part store.

Another important consideration is actually to make sure you purchase the appropriate auto parts online – determining with 100 % accuracy of which auto part fits your vehicle can be extremely difficult. Most online stores offer toll free numbers and welcoming knowledgeable office staff which will cross reference your vehicle to make certain you get the appropriate pieces. You don’t like to end up with parts you cannot use and must potentially ship back at the expense of yours (some online shops also charge a re stocking fee). Another solution is to contact a dealer to establish the part numbers you need prior to going online to buy. Car dealerships are able to make use of your VIN # and give an additional level of accuracy concerning identifying the right part for the ideal vehicle.

Bottom-line, you will find considerable savings available online for auto parts. The period when the only way to save money on vehicle repairs was to do it yourself or get the local yard mechanic are absent.


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