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Face Detection Self Timer is a feature found in almost all of the advanced cameras from Cannon. By activating this feature, the person who is holding the camera can also enter the scene and have his pic in the photo. Unlike, other cameras, you don’t have to rush into the scene. Just activate this option, and then enter the scene (you may walk into the scene as you normally do). Once you reach there with others, Canon PowerShot D10 will recognize you and will take the shot itself !! Isn’t it a brilliant camera from Cannon?



Some of the other things found in this cool camera are :-

—> Red eye detection & correction.

—> Optical image Stabilizer

—> 3x Optical Zoom for zooming into any scene and then taking the shot !

—> SMART auto feature for automatic selection of the best settings !!!

—> 19 Shooting modes

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