What are the specific connection costs for Sim Only deals in Holland? Learn everything about it now!

Sim only without connection costs? Every month, the providers have different promotions for new customers. Don’t want to pay a connection fee with your new sim only subscription? Then read on to see which providers do not charge a connection fee this month.

What are the connection costs?

These are administrative costs that a provider charges when you take out a new sim only subscription. This is a one-time fee that will be charged on your first invoice or that has to be paid immediately when you buy a new sim only subscription. One provider calls it connection costs, the other one-time administrative costs or activation costs.

Why do I pay a connection fee for a sim only?

If you take out a new subscription, the provider will have to perform various administrative tasks before you can use it to make calls and use mobile internet. If you want to keep your existing mobile number, you will also need to do some administrative work. In order to pay part of these costs, a provider will charge you a fee.

Which providers charge a connection fee?

Each provider charges a standard connection fee. The average amount charged by a provider is around €20. This means that some providers charge a little more, while others charge less. Below is an overview of all the connection costs that (sim only) providers charge once.

Do not only pay attention to the one-off costs

Do you want to switch to a Sim Only? You probably do this because you want to make cheaper calls and use mobile internet. It is then important to choose the cheapest sim only subscription that suits your calling and internet behaviour. If you choose a subscription with too many or too few minutes or MB’s then you are even more expensive at the end of the month.

So don’t just look at the one-off costs but compare all sim only subscriptions to make the right choice. We have a complete Sim Only Comparison that helps you in 3 simple steps to compare all sim only subscriptions. You can then easily see the cheapest sim only that matches your calling and internet behaviour.

No connection costs when renewing your subscription

Are you satisfied with your current provider? But do you want to switch to a sim only subscription? If you stay with the same provider, you don’t have to pay any connection costs. This also applies if you already have a sim only and you want to extend this sim only because your contract period has expired.

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